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IAKU pickles offers a wide range of varieties in choice as well as low in calories and fat. Lemon, mango, ginger, gooseberry, tender mango, and mixed pickles are the most popular among people. From the selection of ingredients until being packed, attention and care is given to all the minute details involved.


Chutneys Chutneys are an important part of any Indian menu. Most Indian food dishes are usually accompanied by side dishes. Apart from curry, raithas and vegetable gravies, chutneys form an important part of an Indian meal. Chutneys are made with either a coconut base or an onion base. Add greens and spices to that and you have a great recipe. Make great chutneys with IAKU ready made chutneys make your menu complete.

  • Bitter Gourd Pickle
  • Chammandi Podi
  • Coconut Chutney
  • Dates Pickle
  • Fish Chutney, Meen Podi
  • Meen varuthathu
  • Fish Pickle
  • Fish Roast
  • Garlic Pickle
  • Ginger Pickle
  • Ginger Tamarind Pickle,
  • Gooseberry Pickle
  • Kaduku Mango Pickle
  • Lemon Pickle
  • Meat Pickle
  • Meat Roast
  • Irachi Varuthathu
  • Mixed Pickle
  • Prawn Chutney, Chemmen Podi
  • Tender Mango Pickle
  • White Lemon Pickle