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Tea and coffee are the main highlights among the range of beverage that IAKU offers. The distinctive taste that the product provides is due to the superb orthodox blend. With a known capacity to provide antioxidants , its leaves are hand picked from the finest tea estates of Assam and Munnar. IAKU coffee's unique blend is a combination of carefully chosen genuine coffees from the year's harvest, combined to bring out their most aromatic characteristics.

  • Tea
  • Coffee Powder
  • Ginger Coffee (Chukku Kappi)


IAKU chips are ideal for snacks and parties. It is available in varieties such as banana chips, tapioca chips, jackfruit chips, only to name a few. The raw materials are carefully selected from the midland orchards of Kerala which are known for high quality and organic farming. IAKU chips reaches you with a unique taste and flavor, thanks to its right material selection, world class processing, and the quality of vegetable oils used for preparations.

  • Banana Chips (Sweet & Ordinary)
  • Beans Biscuit
  • Cut Banana Chips
  • Jackfruit Chips
  • Mixture (Ordinary & Sweet)
  • Pakkuvada
  • (Daal Chips)
  • Peanut Candy
  • Peanut Roasted
  • Sesame Candy
  • Tapioca Chips (Long & Round)
  • Tapioca Sticks